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Motivational Presentations

"Exceptional Customer Service Begins with YOU"
"How to manage your ROE - Return On Energy"
"Communications - Inside and Out"
"Thinking Outside the Box"
"The Five P’s to Success"
 "The Magic of Attitude"

Some program content and testimonials below:


Exceptional Customer Service Begins with YOU
YOU are your most important Customer.
The focus of this fast moving session is on YOU and what YOU can do to improve communications with YOURSELF and others. (Yes, talking to yourself is OK if you say the right things.) It’s the little things that really make the difference. At this session you will learn the “top ten little things” that can bring you big results in being a better you. Take care of your number one customer -YOU-  and the rest of your customer service will be at the exceptional level.

• Cover few little things you can do to get YOU big results with yourself.
• Share some tools to assist YOU in managing YOUR personal success.
• Cover the “top ten little things” that will increase YOUR Return on Energy.
• Have fun by feeling good about YOURSELF as YOU interact with others.

Communications Inside and out.
Real communication is rare. When what is said is also what is heard, that's a major accomplishment. Practical skills can be learned to increase the probability of real communication that establishes productive relationships between people. To be an effective, efficient, and productive person you must have excellent personal communication skills. This session will use a Communication System and Model for understanding human behavior to help you sharpen your knowledge of why people act, talk, and work the way they do. This information is key to the important task of improving communication with yourself and others.
• Develop a greater understanding of yourself and others.
• Help you deal more effectively with difficult communication problems.
• Learn practical skills to increase the probability of real communication.
• Develop an action plan for greater communication effectiveness.

The Magic of Attitude.
Attitude is everything. Success is having a positive attitude and applying motivational principles on a daily basis. Most people perform far below their potential because they are either unaware of the principles of achievement or fail to apply them consistently. Understanding that success is not an accident but it is a learned skill will bring outstanding individual results. This dynamic, motivational and fun presentation focuses on practical techniques that people can use on a daily basis to build a positive attitude that will impact their performance levels.
Some of the key topics:
• How to create more positive conversations with yourself.
• Attitude choices we make determine success or failure.
• Working Smarter not Harder will get big results.
• An attitude of gratitude - Smile. The fake it 'til you make it approach.

Participants from Jim’s Workshops Speak Out.
Here’s what they said…

You taught us in various ways - you talked about it, shared examples. Called on us to do it and had visual aids. 
Upbeat, positive, simple ideas with substance.
The personal approach - promoted a casual and enjoyable way to "learn." 
Magic tricks and sharing ideas with neighbor.
The variety of illustrations and methods you used to emphasize and explain your points. Besides clarifying, they also helped hold our attention.
The energy- the variety - the humor. Your positive attitude and energy. 
It's always refreshing energizing to take a step back and get a "jump start" - perfect or a new year, new month, new day! A good wake up call.
Fast moving. Energy was contagious.
Your energy and approach. Magic tricks.
I came away with something real, doable and confidence in addressing the task.
Mr. Wilson is an engaging and exciting speaker. He makes the material real, not just words and ideas.

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Some folks who have enjoyed presentations by Wilson Motivational

AMS Genetics
Back In Action Center
Catholic Golden Age
Conway Trucking
Fort Lee Defense Supply Depot
Dominion Power
Eggleston Smith CPA
Fire X
Fund Raisers
Central GRTC
Hospitality Sales/Marketing Assn. HuntingtonBankshares
Imperial Plaza
Innsbrook Foundation
Jefferson Scholars
Longwood College Campus Police
LSU Graduate School of Banking
NALS Nat'l Assn. Legal Professionals
Planters Bank
Retail Merchants Assn.
Richmond GRTC
Robinson Sigma Com'l Real Estate
Rotary - Brandermill
Sentara Health Mgmt
SMU Grad School of Banking SunTrust Union Bank and Trust
Univ of Longwood Security
Univ of Richmond
USPS Richmond Supervisors
Va Assn of Free Clinics
Va Bankers Assn.
Va Court Reporters
Va Dept of Corrections
Va Home Health Assn.
Va Society of Assn Executives
Va Realtor Association
Va Retirement System
YMCA Richmond

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     The Magic of Attitude
Thank you. I personally enjoyed you and like your attitude to get folks motivated. You're a very nice fellow with old-fashioned values. You are just the person a group needs to wake up a dull afternoon!
 NALS Baltimore Region 2 Conference

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